EvoL (이블) was a South Korean girl group formed under Stardom Entertainment by Cho PD. They debuted with the mini album "Let Me Explode!" and the lead single "We are a bit Different" in 2012. Unfortunately, they unofficially disbanded in 2015 due to the termination of three of the member's contracts without their knowledge.

They are known for their hip hop sound and style, as well as the backgrounds of their individual members (such as Jucy and Say), which is explained on each of their pages. They are also known for their vocal and dance skills and stage presence.

Hello, I'm melodicake! I created this site as a way to show my love for this group, even if they are very obscure nowadays. They are my favorite girl group, and they didn't deserve being disbanded only three years after they debuted, especially when three of the members were unaware they were having their contracts terminated. Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading about EvoL! If you want, you can leave a comment in my guestbook! Thank you :)

name: say
roles: leader, main dancer

name: jucy
roles: main rapper

name: j-da
roles: lead rapper

name: yull
roles: main singer

name: hayana
roles: lead singer & dancer

header render by AOAlovekpoper4ever
member renders by GAJMEditions

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